Some photography content I watch

- Scott Kelby / Kelby One / The Grid

Various topics about the photography industry. Occasionally some interesting guests. Very huge commercial part. The early shows were better. Scott is able to explain the things very good.

- Aaron Nace / Phlearn

Aaron is a very funny guy. He is a master of photoshop. He explains some really good techniques and tricks. The edits look all natural.

- Serge Ramelli

Serge is a french photographer. Some of his shots of the monuments in Paris are nice. Mainly his shots are too vibrant for my taste. Some of his tips are useful.

- Jason Lanier

Jason is very passionated and a cool guy. He does portrait work and weddings. I like his style and his advice is useful.

- Matt Granger

Matt is from Australia. I like his videos and trust his reviews.

- Karl Taylor

Karl has a high claim on the quality of his work. Some years ago he did some really good tutorials.

- Ted Forbes / The Art of Photography

This is mainly related to the art side of photography. Especially the shows about analogue and film stuff I like very much.

- FStoppers

These guys are very cool and creative. Their teasers of the series "photographing the world" with Elia Locardi are one of my favourites.

- Peter Hurley

Peter is one of the world's best headshot photographers. He has a unique style and some great tips. He also develops some pro gear with his own brand.

- Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Their shows are entertaining and informative. Tony knows really what he is talking about.

- Ben Horne

Ben does large format landscapes. If you need to slow down, watch this.